2017: Individual exhibition “Woman and Women” + “The Measured Time”.Deputation of Seville-House of the Province. Plaza del Triunfo, Seville. September, 7 th / October, 22 th.
Exposed Works: In addition to the collection “The Measured Time”, the simple includes some representative paintings of various themes, such as “Rodin and Me”, “Immortal Flowers” and “Mythology, Legends and Arts”. A total of forty-one paintings describe everyday scenes from the world of women (Mater Vitae), they portray their expressions (October’s Moon, Lidia, etc.) and they use it as a reference for the creation of allegories (Blue Music, The Source and the Light”, etc.). Much of this selection is made up of interpretations of women who symbolize myths (Echo, Dänae, Eve, Rusalka, etc.), literary characters (Ophelia, Ligeia, etc.) and also some of the female figures celebrate for their contribution to the world of the Arts (Jeanne Hébuterne, Camille Claudel, etc.)

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Enlaces de prensa Exposición "MUJER Y MUJERES". Casa de la Provincia. Sevilla:

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