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2017: Individual exhibition “The Measured Time”. Cajasol Foundation. Ronda de los Tejares, Córdoba. January 17 th / February 1 th.

First exhibition to the public of the collection “The Measured Time”, at the headquarters of the Cajasol Foundation in Córdoba. The simple is accompanied by texts written by José Luis Sánchez Lora (Modern History, University of Huelva). Exposed Works: Eighteen paintings represent different temporary spaces through the female figure and ornaments that symbolize the passage of time:

From sunrise to night, from Monday to Sunday, the four seasons of the year; in the middle, the allegory “Asleep Time”can be considered as a synthesis of what this series represents: the passage of time according to our most daily parameters, trapped in the unaltered beauty of the woman in her splendor. Close-up portarits refelect the lights of a full day; female figures sitting on rugs, wrapped in clothes, symbols that are metaphors of the days of the week, or lying on exclusive couches to evoke the essence of summer, of autumn, spring or winter.

Enlaces de prensa exposición "EL TIEMPO MEDIDO". Fundación Cajasol CÓRDOBA:

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